Monastery Sucevita-Romania

The monastery is located 16 km from the city Radauti and 55 km from Campulung Moldovan. The monastery is mentioned in documents in 1586 and built by Metropolitan Gheorhe Movila. Legend says that the forgiveness of sins a woman has the necessary building stone to the cart pulled by oxen for 30 years. The monastery museum holds the richest and most precious collection of medieval art in Moldova. The monastery is surrounded by walls 6 m high and 3m thick with battlements and watch roads on all sides.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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  1. That is awesomely beautiful too!


  2. geetings from Germany. I used to have a friend from Romania. we went to the same Deutsch class and she did mentioned abt Romania. Would love to go there one fine day. It looks beautiful from seeing & reading yr blog. thanks for following my blog. Tschüss Manis.