Neamt Fortress-Romania

Built in 1395 by Prince Petru I of Moldavia (1374-1391) is a creative Neamt Fortress 100% Moldovan located near the town of Targu Neamt. Mortar composition is unknown resisting until today is in some places even more resistant than stone fortress is built. A legend says that Mehmet II (conqueror of Constantinople) came to Moldova with an army of 100,000 soldiers and because I could not conquer the city withdrew. Another legend says that 19 soldiers of the Polish armed Romans resisted for 4 zile.In surrender only when soldiers are alive and 6 Polish army had suffered sutelor.Surprins order of their bravery, the Polish king ii forgive the 6 soldiers. Today the city is visited daily by tourists and 300-500 on Saturday and Sunday ziolele over 1500-1800 for tourists.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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  1. Never saw a photo as good as that one!


  2. tank s very nice!
    lidia-la escriba

  3. Hello there, I'm Quest, and what a story this picture tells. In lebanon, where I'm currently at, there are a number of historical locations also that speak of similar tales.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Harika bir yer çok güzel
    sevgiler ..

  5. beautiful pleace... i like this picture..

  6. E culmea coincidentei. Cand am ajuns pe acest blog, ma gandeam daca ai pus si imagini de la Cetatea Neamtului, si numai ce am derulat un pic blogul dau de aceasta fotografie.
    Daca-ti plac fotografiile de pe blogul meu Imagini, poti sa le folosesti pe blogul tau. Nu pentru ca ar fi foarte bune (nu am un aparat foto bun), ci pentru ca sunt semnificative pentru Romania -pentru tinutul Neamtului, unde locuiesc.

  7. perfect picture, ! don't speack your linguage, surre...