Sphinx of Bucegi.....Romania

Sphinx of Bucegi Mountains is located at 2216 m altitude in the Bucegi mountains. It is combined in a sandstone and limestone rock that was carved by wind action resulting form now. Many historians went so far as to say that the Sphinx Gizeh, Egypt is a copy of the Bucegi Platform considering that the Sphinx of Bucegi has the same height as the Egyptian, from Gizeh. In all probability we have a representation of the supreme gods of time pelasgians. Pelasgians were preindoeuropene tribes that inhabited the region especially the Aegean Sea to the migration of Greek tribes, thus extending until Hellas, Asia Minor and Egypt. Geto-Dacians inhabitants of these realms 2,000 years ago a mountain sacred mountain believed that human sacrifices bringing Zamolxe supreme god.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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