Church and bridge in Borzesti built by Stefan cel Mare

The church was built by Prince Stefan cel Mare (1457-1504).
It is in the village Borzesti Adjud locality situated between the towns and honest.
Legend says that when Prince was young he played in these places with other copii.Din play a child is related to a Tatar army navaleste stejar.In then tied to a tree and children fug.Ramas Tartars make a target child springs them.
Prince over 30 years we catch the son who Condos tatara.Impreuna with other Tartars army tried and killed in the spot where 30 years ago killed a child.
The tree which was about the child is cut and Stephen the Great built a church that is completed in 1494.
The church is built of river stone and resembles other churches from St. Stephen Moldavian. For binder seems to have used either eggs or animal blood.
The church has more than 1.5 m thick walls and windows are built so that soldiers can shoot springs from the inside but hard to hit the attackers from the outside.
Some of the paintings of that time there today.
At the entrance is the Museum of Culture and Art "
At a distance of up to 2 km is a bridge built in the reign of Stephen the Great bridge, which is today used lighter equipment.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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Marasesti..."This way not move"...Romania

Mausoleum of Mărăşeşti is a monument to the heroes of World War.
The mausoleum was built between 1923-1938 and was formally inaugurated officially on September 18, 1938.
The confrontation of Mărăşeşti in August 1917 were 480 officers killed and 21,000 Romanian soldiers.
In memory of those who have sacrificed their lives in battles Marasesti was built Mausoleum "glory Heroes" as the entry reads.
In 1923, in front of the mausoleum, was established by an unknown soldier boy band. Boy's father died in World War I, being one of the thousands of unknown heroes. For it was the best student in the promotion, Sandulescu was appointed to choose the unknown soldier of 10 coffins placed in front of him.
"This way not move," said then General Eremia Grigorescu, Romanian Army 1. A sign of gratitude, he subsequently received the highest decorations and a samurai sword engraved with the words' here does not pass ".
They say Mausoleum of Marasesti requires a respect so great that Hitler himself, when the allied air force bomb Prahova Valley and threaten Moldova, Antonescu asked to send two subunits of Antiaircraft Marasesti to defend the Mausoleum.
The tourist potential is over 35,000 visors / year Opening hours are daily from 9:00 AM - 7 PM. The battle fire to a girl sitting next to names Mariuca John Zacharias roman.Acestia an observation post is discovered by the Germans and are only Mariuca impuscati.Ramasa climb trees near where the Roman artillery forward position germane.Tirurile artillery troops are led by a girl of 12 years.
Germans attack is stopped due to information provided by front and the Germans withdrew.
A German sniper shoots a girl directly in the chest.
Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.
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Sovata-saving for women who want children.

Standing-season resort, Sovata was first mentioned as a cure in place a document in 1597, but only spa in 1850. The town is situated at an altitude of 470-530 m to 60 km from Targu Mures. The reputation of the resort is made due to the 5 lakes: Bear, Alunis, Green, Black, Red, contains chlorinated water.

In summer temperature Bear Lake (the largest of the 5 lakes) is the area of 10-20 ° C, 30-40 ° C at a depth of 1 m and 40-60 ° C at a depth of 1.5 m.

The resort is recommended to those who have these ailments

- Gynecological diseases;

- Rheumatic diseases, inflammatory and abarticulare;

- Post-traumatic disorders;

- Neurological

As entertainment you can find here:

-ski Party


- Clubs with rooms for entertaining games

-swimming pools

-trip to visit the salt mines Praid.

Legend tells of a great leader in place that wanted a successor. His wife not knowing what to do he wanted to be drowned in Bear Lake but was saved by soldiers of the accompanying. After 9 months her husband gave a splendid boy. Over 60% of women who become pregnant after gynecological visit this small town.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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Aquarium of Constanta-Romania

Situated right in front of the aquarium Constanta Casino invites you to make a fascinating foray into the wonderful world underwater. Here you can admire the aquatic fauna made up of local and exotic fish, both freshwater and saltwater.
Aquarium of Constanta was founded on May 1, 1958 and is visited annually by over 500,000 visitors.
Is the exclusive patrimony of fauna including aquatic and marine fish species.
The most important is the collection of sturgeon, one of the largest in the world and which is accommodated in the central basin that exceeds 50 tonnes.
You can admire the interesting species from the Black Sea coast (rays, sea cat, sea Calutul, dragon fish, scorpion fish) and migratory species in the Mediterranean (herring / mackerel ...)
We know several species of sturgeon that can be bred in captivity is the only fish in the world that produce the famous caviar.
A sturgeon can reach between 5-7 m and weighing over a ton.
An adult can produce between 3-4 million caviar.
Because these eggs are sturgeons to extinction price of a kg. eggs on the black market for 200-400 euro.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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Decebal-largest Dacian king-Romania

Decebal-largest Dacian king.

With a height of 55 m and a width of 25 m Decebal's head is the largest sculpture in Europe. It is located near Orsova on the left bank of the Danube.

Decebal's head out of the pocket of the businessman Iosif Constantin Dragan more than 1 million. Hot rock was considered an amusement park by vipers but escaped with her life always with serum antiviperin. At the head is the inscription "DECEBAL REX - DRAGAN fecit" ( "King Decebal - made by Dragan")

Historian Dio Cassius makes the following portrait praise: "He was very skilled in the act of war and skillful, knowing how to choose the occasion to attack the enemy and withdraw in time. Abilities in the traps, was brave in battle, knowing how to use sleight of a victory to escape safely from a defeat"

How died Decebal?

When the siege in the capital city were more than 50,000 soldiers Sarmisegetusa daci.Armata Romanian people include 120,000 plus a resist technique avansata.

Dacii heroic struggle. Trajan was the aqueducts that supplied water to destroy the city and leaving soldiers without water.

La Dacians only 3 days after it surrendered Dacians (slaves are taken and sold in Rome) and the city was conquered and destroyed the ground. Decebal chased by enemy cavalry to not fall into enemy hands slave suicide.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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