Aquarium of Constanta-Romania

Situated right in front of the aquarium Constanta Casino invites you to make a fascinating foray into the wonderful world underwater. Here you can admire the aquatic fauna made up of local and exotic fish, both freshwater and saltwater.
Aquarium of Constanta was founded on May 1, 1958 and is visited annually by over 500,000 visitors.
Is the exclusive patrimony of fauna including aquatic and marine fish species.
The most important is the collection of sturgeon, one of the largest in the world and which is accommodated in the central basin that exceeds 50 tonnes.
You can admire the interesting species from the Black Sea coast (rays, sea cat, sea Calutul, dragon fish, scorpion fish) and migratory species in the Mediterranean (herring / mackerel ...)
We know several species of sturgeon that can be bred in captivity is the only fish in the world that produce the famous caviar.
A sturgeon can reach between 5-7 m and weighing over a ton.
An adult can produce between 3-4 million caviar.
Because these eggs are sturgeons to extinction price of a kg. eggs on the black market for 200-400 euro.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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