Marasesti..."This way not move"...Romania

Mausoleum of Mărăşeşti is a monument to the heroes of World War.
The mausoleum was built between 1923-1938 and was formally inaugurated officially on September 18, 1938.
The confrontation of Mărăşeşti in August 1917 were 480 officers killed and 21,000 Romanian soldiers.
In memory of those who have sacrificed their lives in battles Marasesti was built Mausoleum "glory Heroes" as the entry reads.
In 1923, in front of the mausoleum, was established by an unknown soldier boy band. Boy's father died in World War I, being one of the thousands of unknown heroes. For it was the best student in the promotion, Sandulescu was appointed to choose the unknown soldier of 10 coffins placed in front of him.
"This way not move," said then General Eremia Grigorescu, Romanian Army 1. A sign of gratitude, he subsequently received the highest decorations and a samurai sword engraved with the words' here does not pass ".
They say Mausoleum of Marasesti requires a respect so great that Hitler himself, when the allied air force bomb Prahova Valley and threaten Moldova, Antonescu asked to send two subunits of Antiaircraft Marasesti to defend the Mausoleum.
The tourist potential is over 35,000 visors / year Opening hours are daily from 9:00 AM - 7 PM. The battle fire to a girl sitting next to names Mariuca John Zacharias roman.Acestia an observation post is discovered by the Germans and are only Mariuca impuscati.Ramasa climb trees near where the Roman artillery forward position germane.Tirurile artillery troops are led by a girl of 12 years.
Germans attack is stopped due to information provided by front and the Germans withdrew.
A German sniper shoots a girl directly in the chest.
Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.
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