Histria-oldest settlement in Romania

It is the oldest city in Romania attestation.
The colony was founded in 657 BC by Greek colonists from Miletus city.
At the time of building the city, the current Sinoe lake was a large open golf, golf has been closed because the lake became the waves of sand dunes to the Black Sea.
With an area of about 7 meters the city had a population of over 10,000 people and was equipped with defensive walls with towers and bastions and walls that can be seen today.
Near the fortress is a museum that traces can be seen and admired the culture of that time such as: tools, inscriptions, personal and household bathtub, pieces of preserved Greek temples and many other things.
During the VII century AD, the city was destroyed by Slavic and Avar attacks gradually deserted by its inhabitants and because of port blocking by sand dunes.

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