Live Fire from Andreiasu-Romania

It is a natural phenomenon due to emanations of gas from the earth forming some flames that burn permanently.
The fires come "from Andreiasu the Netherlands are located in Vrancea Subcarpatii on the right side of the valley at an altitude of 430mA Milcovului to a distance of about 50 km from Focsani.
Perimeter with gas emanations has an area of approximately 400 m2. Hydrocarbons reached the surface can be heated or burning themselves. Flames are colored, displaying various shades of yellow, red and even blue.
Heights vary widely, from 3-4 cm to about 50 cm during an earthquake and get up to 2 m.
For perimentrul entire annual flow is pareciaza methane 50t.

 Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

written bejeus

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