Resort Saturn ... Romania-Black Sea

Saturn is the resort located close to the town of Mangalia, at 43 km from Constanta.
In addition to entertainment, the resort's strength is the existence of mesothermal springs and sulphurous mud therapeutic value, used in treating gynecological disorders and of the locomotor.
Saturn is a resort clean, cheerful, with a good beach and the accommodation tariffs are among the lowest.
Dining possibilities are many. Besides the restaurants that belong to the hotels, are open to many restaurants, brasseries, pizzerias.
Fundamentals of treatment is in 2 of the biggest hotels of the resort.
Here are using natural cure factors (sea water, mud, water mesothermal sulfur) in treating many diseases.
The procedures used are: hydrotherapy, physical therapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, herbal baths, mud treatments or paraffin, dried mud massages.
It is one of the most beautiful resorts of the Black Sea.

Romania is a tourist attraction worth visiting.

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