Trajan Tropaeum Adamclisi -Romania

Trajan Tropaeum memorial was Adamclisi village 60 km from Constanta.
In the winter of 101-102 D.C. there has been a great confrontation between the army and the Roman legions Dacian king Decebal Traian led.
It was built in honor of emperor Trajan as a tribute to defeat the tribes of the Geto-daci.A was built between 106-109 en
Triumphal monument is circular and has a height of 39 m, with a diameter of 38 m and has 54 all around the bas-reliefs representing scenes of battle.
In the battle died 3800 Adamclisi Roman soldiers and all soldiers atati Getae-Dacians.
The fight was so bitter that the emperor Trajan himself torn clothes to tie him wounded.
There also was also a mausoleum built in honor of a great Roman commander who, at the cost of his life, decided the victory of the year 102.
Modern buildings of the museum (inaugurated in 1977) includes numerous archaeological remains in the city and surroundings. In the central hall of colossal statue is on display trophy, inscription and frieze with weapons.
Tropaeum Trajan is one of the most important ancient monuments in Romania.

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