St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Alba Iulia Romania

One of the oldest buildings in Transylvania, built by foreign masters, begun in Romanesque style and finished in Gothic style.
Built between 1246-1291 with subsequent additions and restorations (repairs on: 1718-1739, 1907-1917, 1950-1953), is one of the most valuable monuments of medieval architecture in Transylvania, is the same age with Notre Dame in Paris , with a late Romanesque style.
Built on an ancient basilica of St. Stephen's Catholic High, the first king of Hungary Roman Catholic Church was fully restored to the faithful enjoy the fulfillment of 1,000 years since the establishment of the Roman Catholic bishopric of Alba Iulia in Transylvania first (1009-2009).
An important part of the Cathedral is an organ dating from 1877 and restored today.
The ship is located south side of sarcophagus of John Hunyadi, governor of Hungary, that of his son, Ladislaus Hunyadi, and the ship north is the sarcophagus of Queen Isabella and John Sigismund, the first Prince of Transylvania and King (holder ) of Hungary.
In the apse of the northern side of the vessel can be seen some frescoes of the Renaissance.
This cathedral has its tomb of Huneadoara Iancu. She is now Cathedral Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Alba Iulia.


Pearl of Bucovina in Romania........Vatra Dornei

Wah resort, known as the "Pearl of Bucovina", is situated at an altitude of 802m Dorna Depression, the distance of 112km and 89km of Bistrita Nasaud Suceava, the Golden Bistrita confluence with Dorna.
Located in northern Romania, in a depression of the Carpathians-Depression Dorna-Wah is a very sought after tourist location due to thermal waters, landscape, climate and facilities to practice skiing.
Natural Park in the center of the resort, famous for its squirrels and remember the famous casino resorts in Western Europe.
Wah is known as a resort for all ages is addressed to both people who want to strengthen the body through mountain climbing or winter sports, or who wish to rest in a tonic bioclimat incentive to beneficial influence on the nervous system .
From resort lift climb a distance of 3 km to the top of Black Hill to climb to 1300 m altitudine.Durata the lift is about 20 minutes, during which mountain lovers can admire the picturesque landscapes of several mountain massifs surrounding depression.
The resort offers its visitors recreation possibilities very different depending on the season. Thus, if the winter skiing remains the main way of relaxation and recreation along with ATV rides, in summer you can practice: rafting, ATV rides, mountain biking, extreme biking, paragliding, mountain walking routes, etc. .
A legend held in memory of Dorna, indicating the existence Dornei ever since the founding of the State of Moldova, linking the local name of a tragic love-founder Dragos Moldovan Voda.Acesta would love to shepherd local woman Dorina, which killed one a mistake and in memory of her, decided that the drama that took place near water bear her name.

Vlad Tepes Dracula and legend and truth ....

In 1387 the king of Hungary to build a military-religious society called the Order of the Dragon. Order symbol was a dragon, and its purpose was defending Christianity and organization of the Crusades against the Ottoman Empire.
Vlad Tepes was born in 1431 in the fortress of Sighisoara. His father, Vlad Dracul, at that time was governor of Transylvania, depending on who was called by Emperor Sigismund. Tepes was a grandson of another great Roman prince: Mircea the Old (1386-1418). His father is first in Dragon and gets the nickname of Dracul.
In the winter of 1436 father of Vlad becomes ruler of Tara Romanesti.Vlad with his brother Radu as hostages are asked by the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
Father and brother are murdered by those boyars Vlad vremuri.La age of 17 years helped by the army of the Ottoman Empire became the ruler of Tara Romaneasti (Wallachia).
Discontented boyars after several months he removed from power by Vlad.
After several years on the throne of Wallachia, Vlad returns and decides to take revenge on the boyars of Targoviste (capital of the country).
The Easter Sunday of 1459, he arrested all the boyar families who participated in the party in Munich. The oldest were impaled, and others were forced to walk on down the road one hundred miles from the capital, where they were made to build a fortress on the ruins of an ancient outpost.
For impaled boyars drew he named Vlad Tepes Dracula.
Dracula soon became famous because of its brutal methods of punishment. According to Saxon merchants of Transylvania, he often ordered to be skinned osândiţii skin, boiled, decapitated, blinded, strangled, hanged, burned, roasted, chopped, cast in stone, buried alive, etc.. Also, set to be cut victims nose, ears, genitals and limba.Însă favorite torture was impalement, from which the nickname Tepes, who pale.
Description method "impalement".
The aim was to crucify the man so that the victim would suffer terrible pain for hours or even days, until he was the soul.
Preparing a large stake, longer than the stature of a man who will lay the ground (rarely, cut and trim a thin tree), the tip is sharp as a nail and lubricated with tallow, to slip.
Therefore, the most common method to his executioners Impaler, prostrate victim, with arms tied behind his back and stick spike through the anus, then pulling both legs tied with ropes to the ankles. Then beat with a mallet in the other end of Tepe, careful to not pierce the two organs known to cause immediate death: liver and gravity inima.Tarusul was high and their duty. The man stood as crucified, in terrible agony, but the vital organs functioning. Dying with little suffering, thirsty, hungry and attack crows who came attracted by the smell.
Almost any crime, from lying and stealing to killing, could be punished by Impalement. Being sure of the effectiveness of its laws, Vlad Tepes Dracula left, they say, large cup of gold to the central square of Târgovişte.Cana can be used by thirsty travelers, but had to remain in place. According to historical sources during his cup was not never stolen and remained almost unused.
After another legend, Vlad Dracul had staged a robbery (a bag with 50 gold) a country gentleman of advice, after which he, before the prince, claimed to be furaseră 100 coins. To lie to, was impaled.
One day all vagabonds and thieves in the country were invited to Româneacă princely court in Targoviste, at a feast. After they eat and drink ordered that Hall be closed and burnt. No one survived.
In early 1462, Vlad launched a campaign against the Turks on the Danube, killing over 38,000 people. Because emissaries refused to give turbanele down in front of it, Vlad made sure that the emissaries will keep them so, he ordered them to be nailing heads.
During an invasion, the Sultan, exhausted, came close to the capital, faced with a frightening view: Tepe claimed thousands of bodies of over 20,000 Turkish captives, a terrifying scene that was later dubbed "Forest Tepe.
Vlad the Impaler used to sign the "Dracula" or "Dracula" - son fuck - name, which then turned into Dracula.
In 1897, the Irish writer Bram Stoker published Dracula, Vlad Tepes who was famous throughout the world. Stoker read the stories about Dracula, published in the centuries XV - XVI and was shocked by the cruelty of his acts. And it was decided to choose as the main character. He read some books about Transylvania (the name is of Latin origin and means "land beyond the forest") and thought that the country "exotic" would be an appropriate setting for Dracula's deeds. In fact, Stoker used Vlad only as a source of inspiration, as in his novel, Dracula is not prince Vlad the Impaler, but a Transylvanian count living in a mysterious castle where he lured victims.
The collections of the British Museum Vlad is described as a monster, a vampire drinking the blood of man and a great lover of cruelty.
Further support the hypothesis that there is a real link between Vlad Tepes Dracula and the modern myth of vampires, Vlad the first vampire in the world.


Altar Stone Cave-The most beautiful cave in Romania

The most beautiful cave in Romania is the Altar Stone Cave.
Although closed, pictures of the caves have been published worldwide, some of speleologists saying that is one of the most beautiful in Europe.
Located in Bihor Mountains cave was discovered by a student Daniel Carlugea during a camp held in 1984.
"I jumped and I fell on something rotten trees. Although it was hot outside I woke up to feel something cold on the back. I turned and found a cave mouth about one meter high. In the middle was a piece of ice that covered the entrance.
Entrance to the cave is through a narrow corridor of 3-4 m in which you have to plamani.Apoi get outta the air from a room the size of a football field with a fantastic echo.
Still going to get into a gallery in white so that the first explorers and gave them the following equipment and made into socks. Now enter a tracksuit and sneakers with white soles that are not dirty gallery.
Further Cave brings a Gothic cathedral, flanked by columns of 15-20 meters.
Finally cave ends with an exceptionally diverse landscape, adjusting it every few meters.
Cave summarizes four major galleries: Palace, Paradise, altar Geode and Bears. The landscape is of exceptional diversity, adjusting to every few meters. As has been vandalized several times cave has three gates. The first, consisting of several iron bars, was staged from the beginning. As has been pulled easily, by May 1989 to put a. Although it was a very complex mechanism, a novel speleologist, photographer caves, and it passed the second gate. Last gate was installed 4 years ago and was infallible. The closing involves a sequence of operations to be done in the established. "A Screw you open it harder or worse does not come off," explains Daniel Carlugea.


Dracula Castle..... Bran Castle the most beautiful castle in Romania!

Certificate in 1377 Bran Castle is definitely the most beautiful castle and one of the most important tourist spots in Romania.
Located 30 km from Brasov city, the castle is very famous in the West and throughout the world are classified as one of the most beautiful castles in the world.
Besides beauty is named Castle Dracula's Castle.
Nick castle comes from the Romanian Country prince, Vlad Tepes ruled that sec. XV.
Dracula soon became famous because of its brutal methods of punishment. According to reports in Transylvania, he often ordered to be skinned osândiţii skin, boiled, decapitated, blinded, strangled, hanged, burned, roasted, chopped, cast in stone, buried alive, etc.. Also, set to be cut victims nose, ears, genitals and tongue.
 But torture was impalement favorite .... The victim was lying down .... The anus is cut a sharp wood long after that rises 3-4 m and weight make wood to infinga and harder until she emerged from throat or mouth.
One day all vagabonds, beggars and thieves in the country were invited to Româneacă princely court in Targoviste, at a feast. After they ate and drank, asked the prince if he never wants to stop being poor. After receiving an affirmative response, he ordered that Hall be closed and burnt. No one survived.
Paper-Bram Stoker's Dracula is not based directly on the rule of Vlad Dracula, but a fiction that takes place in Transylvania and England. Following the success of the novel, the fictional character Dracula Transylvania is associated.
Castle is visited annually by over 500,000 tourists.
Bran Castle owners are Dominic von Habsburg and his two sisters, as the heirs of Princess Elena.