Altar Stone Cave-The most beautiful cave in Romania

The most beautiful cave in Romania is the Altar Stone Cave.
Although closed, pictures of the caves have been published worldwide, some of speleologists saying that is one of the most beautiful in Europe.
Located in Bihor Mountains cave was discovered by a student Daniel Carlugea during a camp held in 1984.
"I jumped and I fell on something rotten trees. Although it was hot outside I woke up to feel something cold on the back. I turned and found a cave mouth about one meter high. In the middle was a piece of ice that covered the entrance.
Entrance to the cave is through a narrow corridor of 3-4 m in which you have to plamani.Apoi get outta the air from a room the size of a football field with a fantastic echo.
Still going to get into a gallery in white so that the first explorers and gave them the following equipment and made into socks. Now enter a tracksuit and sneakers with white soles that are not dirty gallery.
Further Cave brings a Gothic cathedral, flanked by columns of 15-20 meters.
Finally cave ends with an exceptionally diverse landscape, adjusting it every few meters.
Cave summarizes four major galleries: Palace, Paradise, altar Geode and Bears. The landscape is of exceptional diversity, adjusting to every few meters. As has been vandalized several times cave has three gates. The first, consisting of several iron bars, was staged from the beginning. As has been pulled easily, by May 1989 to put a. Although it was a very complex mechanism, a novel speleologist, photographer caves, and it passed the second gate. Last gate was installed 4 years ago and was infallible. The closing involves a sequence of operations to be done in the established. "A Screw you open it harder or worse does not come off," explains Daniel Carlugea.

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