Unique in Danube Delta.......Romania

 A natural paradise lies flowing Danube in the Black Sea, where the river ends its long journey of 2860 km (1788 miles) from the source or the Black Forest Mountains of Germany.
Centuries turn, delta area has expanded due to bring the river bank, forming a network of canals, lakes, islands covered with reeds, tropical forest, pastures and sand dunes that now cover an area of almost 5640 km2 (2,200 square miles).
This amazing land of water holds more than three hundred species of birds and countless fish species, from sturgeon to carp and perch, while the 1150 variety of plant species range from lianas on tree trunks, woven in oak forests to water lilies.
It is no wonder that UNESCO designated the Danube Delta as a "Biosphere Reserve".

Silence in a split second

For five thousand years, a small community lived in complete harmony with the amazing ecosystem of the Delta, earned his living by fishing, raising livestock and harvesting of reeds.
Villages where access roads are the only channels that pass through appear to be untouched by the passage of time.
As a guest, you can explore by boat this amazing natural haven of peace and calm a full, this experience making you imagine that you really broke a story in the pages of National Geographic.

Delta Exploration

The starting point for an adventure in the Delta is usually Tulcea, a city almost as old as Rome, situated close to where the Danube divides into three main branches, so where the meadow begins.
In Tulcea will find modern hotels and museums of natural sciences of the Delta. The city lies at a distance of 71 km (45 miles) of Sulina, almost as a settlement house, situated at the other end of the Sulina branch.
Between these two points can be cruises, during which tourists can admire, from comfortable decks of vaporaselor, flora, fauna and the delta villages.

Natural reserves

Eighteen reserves and protected areas "buffer" are spread throughout the Delta.
You can reach them crossing the narrow channel, passing by floating covered with reeds and near forests, in places where pelicans and cormorants gather to catch fish.
If you want to explore this land wild in silence, rent a rowboat and walk on the lower channels. For this purpose, you will need a permit from the Biosphere Reserve.

Miracles wilderness

If you stop in a village on the water's edge, you will find fishermen gatindu her own version of Russian Borsului fire outdoors.
Those who have more refined tastes may try Danube herring, croquettes of cod or fried sturgeon, which can be accompanied by tasty local wines Aligote, Muscat or Merlot, restaurants in Tulcea and Sulina.
The water kept wild makes you discover many amazing things. A trip to the Delta will remain unforgettable in every respect.

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