There is my country-Romania

There is my country-Romania

Where are tall oaks
And as I grow tall oaks
Lad with strong hearts
What death in front of a concern

There were rocks and mountains where
And as the mountains do not budge
Voinicii those with gray hair
A frightened nostalgia

There is my country
My family and the Romanian
There I die I want
I want to live there

Where clear-I
And the serene sky smile
Women bearing on their own chest
Children as for fight increase

Where you meet
How long and wide your country
Elderly traces brave
Bone and those who fought

There is my country
My family and the Romanian
There I die I want
I want to live there

And see where thousands of piles
Under which were buried deep
Many enemies army
What we have tried to slavery

And where longing for estate
Always stood right
And male gallantry
To crown any man

There is my country
My family and the Romanian
There I die I want
I want to live there

Excuse my poor English

written bejeus

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting me. Welcome and hope u can visit me again. U do have a beautiful country. Hope to see more pictures of your country.

  2. Very beautiful your blog and the pictures.
    Thanks so must

  3. Especially beautiful country!


  4. Very beautiful your blog. thanks for visiting me.

    By, kisses.

  5. Passei por aqui e, com certeza achei o blog muito interessante.


  6. Hi

    It looks gorgeous. One of our closest friends in the UK is Romanian and has just returned from there after his Grandmother passed. Looks beautiful... who knows maybe I will visit some day :)



  7. Look pretty!!!I like you blog and hope at I can come visit here again!Thanks because you was comes
    my blog:)!

  8. Thanks for your visit and for following my blog. I follow yours too. Wonderful Romania, wonderful your blog and your words about this marvelous country you live in.

    Greetings from my particular Transilvania.

  9. Leí la poesía con el traductor y creo haber captado la esencia, me gusta tu blog, las imágenes no necesitan traducción y Romania me parece maravillosa.

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    Muito bom o texto!
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    Santiago, Brazil

  11. Thank you for visiting me and I am returning and fall in love with your country. It is wonderful!
    Great honor to meet you.
    Greetings from Brazil

  12. It is amazing how almost every land has rock formations that look like various kinds of people. Thanks for sharing photos of Romania. I know many people in the USA from Romania, and I have spent considerable time in Moldova; however, I have never made it to Romania, for whatever reason, so I have enjoyed the vicarious visit.

    (Keep using English, and it will get better.)