Jewels of Romania UNESCO Heritage

 "United would make waves and would have absolutely no movement, but water would rot and would Bahu, if its temperature would be equal everywhere, mankind would decay into corruption, speculation and pornocratie, if not differences exist between peoples and especially cultural differences of life "- I quote from Eminescu.
I bumped into the news this opinion with a little while ago when we went to visit Bucovina "mural churches in northern Moldavia, the first half of XVI century" - this is the name of "catalog" painted churches of Bucovina, settlements located on the UNESCO World Heritage list. From among many such houses in the area can be found on the UNESCO list from Moldova, tree, Patrauti, Suceava (church dedicated to Saint George Saint John the New Monastery) Probota Voronet and Humor. Exceptional embodiment of "differences of culture and life, are called churches and landmarks of orthodoxy, some of them, most notably, parts of pilgrimage tourism. Instance, Voronet Humor and Moldova are really overrun by tourists (mostly foreigners, attracted just the "differences" mentioned earlier). A reflex reporting damage and psychoanalysis to "goat neighbor, many promotional materials for Voronet talk about it calling it" the Sistine Chapel of the East ". The uniqueness and originality are precisely the qualities that attract tourists to Voronet way likeness (however forced) the Sistine Chapel. History, culture and traditions, all born and gives identity (national), "would rot and would Bahu" and that no great movement in the absence of specific differences.

Say that some churches are heritage (good thing he) ultravizitate. There are also some whose reputation has yet to match their beauty: Shaft, Probota Patrauti. I linger a bit on the subject Patrauti because there is no how to get the chance. To get to Patrauti have to do to get there. How do you get? Get a map and search any place: a finding at about 10 km northwest of Suceava. Why go to Patrauti? Here's one reason: to know the young priest Gabriel Hera who with his wife Cristina, toils for raising the reputation Patrautilor proper place. The local church was built by Stephen the Great in the year 1487 and was meant to church of a monastery of nuns, the monastery that were to be cared for the wounded in wars. In itself, the church is a small jewel (is the smallest of the foundations of Stephen the Great). Exterior painting is done only on the west wall (the entrance of the church). The interior is adorned with a beautiful, rich and original paintings, whose restoration is working on for years and it will take yet. On how demanding is the fresco painting technique (here you will not go wrong, because any wrong coughing can not be corrected) as it is pretentious and expensive is to restore the same painting. The recipe, however, is simple: we need skilled craftsmen, time and money. Masters are, time is of God, the money is a problem. Not discourage him, but the priest Gabriel here.

Few visitors who come to Patrauti are "welcome note" of Michael, father wife Hera who knows and tells with grace, in several languages, as needed, the story of the church. Inside, the walls still wear wooden scaffolding. From year to year, but looks like scaffolding Herea father down - it was originally built to the top of the tower, now only about three highest levels. On leaving the church caught my attention a building that said Museum. Was the home parish, whose ground floor was transformed into a museum by the same parent trouble here. Why? Out of respect for the fact that that building was a model priest living in the middle of the community it serves and that was a landmark among members of the Movement Tree, the Romanian national movement in Bukovina in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Herea parent plans do not stop there: "We intend to build in the future garden parish social and cultural center that will facilitate access to monuments in art history student in northern Moldova." Go to yourselves, at Patrauti " The man sanctifies the place "not just an empty promise.

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